LGBT ads

Advertising is about relating to consumers. When we see advertisers use certain videos and images, it’s meant to make us feel like their products are meant specifically for us. We often look to advertisers for a representation of the world at large. Whether we realize it or not, ads have the power to shape our understanding of societal trends over time.

When we see more companies incorporate the LGBTQ community in mainstream advertisements, it can have profound implications in the real world. American companies are beginning to recognize that consumers are more accepting of the gay community than ever before. That trend shows no signs of slowing. Millennials and younger audiences are even more accepting of the LGBTQ community. In addition to reaching out to LGBTQ consumers, companies understand that it’s in their best interest to show the public that they are on the right side of history.

We’ve seen so many high-profile advertisements featuring LGBTQ individuals and families over the last few years including an ad for Hilton Hotels that featured a same-sex couple in bed, and an Absolut Vodka ad starring a transgender actress. While not all of these gay advertisements are perfect, introducing new audiences to the LGBTQ community is always a step in the right direction.