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Let’s face it, the gays love to travel. Whether it’s visiting our friends in the newest gayborhood, exploring the latest gay resorts or dude-watching on the beach of the world’s hottest gay vacay spots, we are always on to go. This is precisely why Hornet is here to present you with the most elaborate coverage on all things gay travel.

Want to know which countries have just legalized same-sex adoption? Searching for the latest cities attracting LGBTQ individuals? Which country had men using Donald Trump’s mouth as a urinal? Hornet has it all.

Equally important as our gay travel news are our gay city guides. From P-Town to Palm SpringsL.A. to D.C., we’ve listed all the best gay hotspots. We’ve even got tips to get you laid in multiple cities around the world.

Read all you can about gay travel news and go on an adventure of your own! And when you do, be sure to let us know by posting on social media and tagging #TravelWithHornet.