It Gets Better

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Severus Snape: It Gets Better

Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor and Potion Master Severus Snape has transcended the Harry Potter universe to deliver a very special message. It gets better. “I know what you’re thinking; ‘Snape, everyone hates you. They think you’re a death-eater.’ And though that may be true I cannot stress to[…]

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Were Old Navy’s Pride T-Shirts Just a Marketing Hoax?

They aren’t in stores, but it’s sure not because they’ve sold out. We were pleased as a peach last week to share word with you that Old Navy was debuting a line of Gay Pride t-shirts this past weekend, with proceeds benefiting the It Gets Better Project. Marking the first time[…]

Old Navy + It Gets Better Team Up For Gay Pride T-Shirts

In a pretty much unprecedented move by any major retailer in the world, Old Navy is releasing a line of gay pride t-shirts this summer. The designs, available in men’s, women’s and children’s, will be sold in all 1,035 Old Navy locations. Which means of course that teens, moms and[…]