Christina Hendricks

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21 Pictures from the ‘Mad Men’ Finale

Mad Men has progressed to the point where it no longer reflects the three-martini, ass-grabbing, glory days of WASP aristocracy, which is what made it such a ball to watch. In short, the Mad Men of Season 7 are much closer to modern men then traditional men. And who want’s to watch Mildly Peeved Men?

Christina Hendricks is a triple threat — amazingly talented actress, one of the most beautiful women in the world, and an accordionist. Okay, maybe her skill on the accordion doesn’t quite match the other two qualities, but she’s still pretty great.

While she’s probably most known for playing Joan Holloway in AMC’s Mad Men — a role that’s earned her six Emmy nominations — she got her start in children’s theater. Her first appearance on TV was the GLAAD award-winning MTV anthology series, Undressed. From there, she had recurring roles in ER and Joss Whedon’s cult favorite Firefly.

She’s also had quite a bit of success in films — appearing in Drive, Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut Lost River and The Neon Demon.

And, a woman this beautiful couldn’t not be a model — and she worked in that field until she was 27. Here’s our coverage of this incredibly talented actress and performer.