Gay Blog UB: Nick's Gay Travel Guru Experience

The Rituals of Travel

This is part of Nick’s continued series of work from his time as the Gay Travel Guru. I always seem to lose a little bit of myself when I am packing for a trip. It’s not that I go insane, it’s that I get quietly methodical. Like a battle surgeon[…]

Gay Travel in Sin City: Hold the Sin!

Nick Vivion is the Gay Travel Guru, and this is a coninuation of the series of posts about his gay travel experiences. I smiled to myself as we pulled up to the church of In-N-Out burger in a limousine. Another item crossed off my bucket list, another experience savored. I[…]

7 Ways to Prevent a Traveling Disaster by the Gay Travel Guru

Nick is‘s Gay Travel Guru, and this is the first in a series of posts about his misadventures around North America for GT. Travel is all about the unexpected: buses don’t show up, food isn’t what you ordered, that “boutique hotel” is actually a topless bed-bug Jacuzzi. Unless you[…]

Gay Travel News, Tips, Destinations & Hornet City Guides

Gays love to travel. Don’t you? Whether it’s visiting our friends in the gayborhood, exploring the latest gay resorts or people-watching at the world’s hottest gay vacay spots, we’re always on to go. This is why Hornet presents you with coverage of all things gay travel.

Want to know which countries have just legalized same-sex adoption? Which country made headlines when men used Donald Trump’s mouth as a urinal?

Equally important as gay travel headlines are Hornet’s gay city guides. From Provincetown to Palm Springs, Los Angeles to Washington, D.C., we’ve got all the best gay hot spots. We’ve even got tips to get you laid in multiple cities around the world.

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