Okay fitness buffs, it’s time to get moving! Fitness has long been a cultural obsession in the LGBTQ community, especially for gay men. After all, we love to see big arms on guys, so hitting the gym is only natural. Regardless of gender, creed, or sexual orientation, fitness is an important part of staying healthy.

Today’s culture is becoming increasingly sedentary. We drive to work, sit at a desk for 8 hours a day and click on things, and then drive home and log onto Facebook or Netflix. While that doesn’t accurately depict everyone’s life, incorporating a fitness routine into our daily lives can feel next to impossible.

Fitness comes in many different forms. Not everyone has to run 10 miles a day to stay in great shape. All kinds of new and interesting fitness routines are popping up all over the place. You can troll the depths of Internet looking for a fitness routine that works for your unique lifestyle. From yoga retreats to dumbbell lifts at the gym, there are so many ways to get active.

But fitness isn’t just about how you look. It’s about how you feel. Getting off the couch and moving your body is a great way to boost your overall mood. If you feel like you’ve been in a rut lately, trying something new at the gym or an exciting exercise at home can be just what the doctor ordered. You’ll feel empowered by taking on a new challenge.

If you’re trying to get fit, take a look at how the LGBTQ community stays active. Whether you’re looking to slim down or beef up, you’re bound to find some useful tips in the articles below. Learning about other people’s experiences is a great way to find some sorely needed motivation. What are you waiting for? Hit the gym and get those muscles going!