Binging is the new smoking, a nasty habit that is all too addicting. The gay TV landscape has drastically changed in recent years. With streaming services like Hulu and Netflix broadly expanding our access to new and surprising TV shows and characters. In years passed, no one wanted to watch infomercials and black-and-white reruns at 2 A.M.. Now we can lie back and watch whatever we want regardless of what’s playing on our local stations.

All of this disruption in the television industry is producing some wildly inventive results. With new revenue systems, networks and streaming companies are taking greater risks with the kinds of shows that they produce. Long gone are the days where every show has to be about white heterosexual twenty-somethings dating in the big city. Today, we have a smorgasbord of viewing options, including an increasing variety of gay and trans characters.

While some of us grew up on innovative hits like Will & Grace, new shows like Transparent, Difficult People, and Orange Is the New Black are giving audiences a complex, nuanced portrait of what it means to be gay and trans in the modern world.
Sometimes painfully realistic and other times hilarious, gay TV shows are an important step towards equality for all.
With the movie industry getting a D+ in its depiction of the gay community, television is often the only place to turn for sophisticated stories about the LGBTQ community. With other countries and a new generation of YouTubers stepping up to the plate, the amount of content online and on TV is staggering. Whether you like gay dating shows with naked guys, experimental shows about the human condition or trashy soap operas, you can get all of your gay-themed TV news right here. Learn about everything gay that’s coming to a streaming service near you.