Gay Music, LGBTQ Singers and Queer Artists

Hey there gay music lovers. Welcome to Hornet’s coverage of what the cool kids are listening to these days.
Today’s music landscape is more diverse than ever. It seems like a new genre pops up every other week. Indie bands and underground house shows are quickly gaining traction and winning the support of a few die-hard fans. With innovations in digital music recording and distribution, just about anyone can create a track on their own and upload it online for all of their friends to listen to. Starting a page on Spotify or iTunes only takes a few minutes, and presto, you’re in the music business.

DIY Music Making

All of this DIY music making has led to some interesting results over the past several years. More bands and musicians are taking risks with their work in order to reach audiences that are looking for something other than poppy mainstream hits. This also means that more LGBTQ musicians have a platform to make a name for themselves. Queer music is everywhere. Shockingly enough, we even have openly gay country music singers like Billy Gilman and Ty Herndon. Major pop stars like Lady Gaga, a long-time supporter of the LGBTQ community, are openly talking and singing about their same-sex experiences and bi-curious tendencies.

Even before this new golden age of indie music, gay people have been expressing themselves with music for decades. Edgy music videos in the 1980s and gender-bending artists like David Bowie made waves in years past when they expanded society’s understanding of what it means to be male, female or somewhere in between.

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