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There’s quite a bit of controversy surrounding the above image today. Poor photoshopping aside, is drawing a correlation between the KKK’s mission to denigrate and terrorize blacks with the National Organization for Marriage’s similar agenda against homosexuals accurate/appropriate/timely/obvious/fair/over the top? Sound off in the comments below. And just to nip[…]

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NOM Leader Announces Support of Marriage Equality

Louis Marinelli, the man behind the National Organization for Marriage’s Summer of Marriage bus tour, has announced today that he has resigned from the discriminatory organization, and is now in favor of extending marriage equality to gay and lesbian couples. Instinct Magazine has Marinelli’s statement: As a supporter of civil[…]

Gay blog: Gay adoptions

NOM Calls VA Law ‘Mandatory Gay Adoption’

The National Organization for Marriage is at it again, this time in Virginia where they are calling a proposed Virginia gay-inclusive adoption law “mandatory gay adoption.” The policy being proposed by the Virginia Department of Social Services would “prohibit acts of discrimination based on race, color, gender, national origin, age,[…]