Michele Bachmann

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Michele Bachmann’s Gay Lovers Speak Out

Three of Michele Bachmann‘s past lesbian lovers lay down the dirty talk on how they got the Tea Party leader “with the bone structure of a fucking Disney princess” into the sack. Cheyenne, “B”, and Carrie will never forget the day they first bit from forbidden Bachmann fruit. Flapjacks. Skip[…]

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Bachmann Predicted the ‘End of Times’ in 2006

Michelle Bachmann is surging ahead in the polls, and it’s becoming clear that her increasing wackiness is directly correlated to her popularity – this is America after all! Case in point: a new recording from 2006 has surfaced in which candidate Bachmann creepily declares that we are in “the last days”[…]

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‘Liberal Freak Show:’ Tea Party Founder Goes After the Gays

In the continuing polarization of politics in the United States, Tea Party Nation founder Judson Philips published an essay railing against the “liberal mob psychology” of gay rights groups. Philips laments the aggression of gay rights groups in going after Michele Bachmann – especially when it comes to Marcus Bachmann’s[…]

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Cher Says String Michele Bachmann Up By Her Balls

The Great Twitter Schism of 2012, Cher vs. The Bachmanns rages on today. A word of wisdom to both embittered parties; Spellcheck, spellcheck, spellcheck. [blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/#!/cher/status/91559423360778240″] Oh girl! Sorry, but we don’t cosign on hanging people (even by their balls). Please find another way to make emasculating/testicle jokes about The[…]