youtube lgbtq censorship
youtube lgbtq censorship

YouTube Censors LGBTQ Content But Still Lets Children Watch White Supremacist Videos

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YouTube censors videos about LGBTQ issues, but the site seems perfectly fine with letting children view white supremacist propaganda.

Recently, queer vloggers realized that YouTube was hiding their content from younger viewers behind age restriction filters. There was a major outcry.

In response, the company released a public statement with an apology and an explanation. But it’s worth noting that the company did not clearly express a plan to change their policy of silencing queer voices.

It looks as though YouTube considers videos talking about LGBTQ concerns “sensitive issues.” But one thing they don’t consider sensitive is racism, apparently.

Visit YouTube, put your account on restricted mode and search for a white supremacist dog whistle phrase like “white genocide” or “cultural Marxism” (how white supremacists refer to racial diversity). You’ll find plenty of videos available for viewing.

It’s reasonable for a website to restrict content that features potentially offensive videos. But for YouTube to silence queer speakers while giving white supremacists free reign is horrifying, and it makes us wonder what side they’re on.

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