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Sarah Palin: Blah, blah, blah, Hit Me Baby One More Time

Sarah Palin appeared on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program last night to whine about Vice President Joe Biden comparing the Tea Party to domestic terrorists for their part in nearly collapsing the entire national financial system and throwing the country – no, the world – into a second Great Depression.[…]

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‘Liberal Freak Show:’ Tea Party Founder Goes After the Gays

In the continuing polarization of politics in the United States, Tea Party Nation founder Judson Philips published an essay railing against the “liberal mob psychology” of gay rights groups. Philips laments the aggression of gay rights groups in going after Michele Bachmann – especially when it comes to Marcus Bachmann’s[…]

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NH Teabaggers Against Defending DOMA

Gay marriage? Who cares? Check out this refreshing clip from a New Hampshire Tea Party rally. Even these rightwing conservatives can’t figure out why gay marriage is such a big deal. In fact, nobody has notice a single change at all since the state legalized same-sex marriage last year. Food[…]

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TX Democratic Chairman Compares Gays To Termites, Nazis

Bexar County, TX, Democratic Party chairman Dan Ramos refuses to step down from office in the wake of incredibly offensive homophobic and racist remarks he made last week to the San Antonio Current. His defense? He “didn’t realize he was being interviewed.” Rather than apologize for his comments, he said[…]