Steven Universe

We Look Awesome

Here at Unicorn Booty, we’re big fans of Steven Universe on Cartoon Network. Appearing on our Best Of 2015 TV list, we dubbed the show TV’s Most Progressive Cartoon Ever. The series features loads of queer characters, which might not be surprising considering the creator, Rebecca Sugar, is out as bi. Wait…you aren’t familiar with Steven Universe videos, characters, or storyline?

Well, listen up!

Gems, Do Your Thing

A long time ago, a species called “Gems” came to Earth to take it over. However, a small band of Gems, led by one named Rose Quartz, couldn’t go on with the takeover plan and defended Earth instead. Only a few survived and became known as the Crystal Gems, Earth’s protectors and magical guardians of humanity.

Danger is My Middle Name

Steven is a bright, happy kid who is the son of Rose Quartz (who gave up her physical form so that he could be born). He lives with the Crystal Gems, tagging along on missions as he finds surprising ways to always save the day. Over time, we see Steven discover powers he’s inherited, and backstory details are revealed each episode, until the season finales deliver jaw-dropping, coming-of-age revelations.

It’s Okay, Steven, I’m Never Alone

No wonder Steven Universe has been so openly embraced by the queer community; many adults wish they had something like it when they were growing up, and queer kids are happy to see themselves represented for once in the Steven Universe characters. After all, as this brilliant, beautiful show taught us, the answer is love. The question is you.