Rutgers University

College Grad Skipping Graduation for NYC AIDS Walk

We stumbled across Christian Oliveira’s story this morning. Homeboy is skipping out on his graduation from Rutgers University (so is my sister, Christina!) this year in order to participate in the New York City AIDS Walk on behalf of his HIV-positive pal, Jay. I can hardly do his story justice[…]

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Tyler Clementi’s Rutgers Roommate Indicted

Dharun Ravi, who filmed and broadcast his roommate Tyler Clementi having sex with another man over the internet, has been indicted on 15 separate counts in the aftermath of Clementi’s suicide. Ravi, and Molly Wei, both 19, withdrew from classes at Rutgers University last fall after their gross invasion of[…]

Gay blog: Stanford Students discuss gender neutral housing

Colleges Allowing Boys and Girls to Be Roomies!

Rutgers announced on March 1 that they would allow students to room with people of the different genders – what is known as gender-neutral or mixed-gender housing. Rutgers is responding to the September tragedy where student Tyler Clemnti committed suicide after being secretly filmed with another man by his straight[…]