Robert Sepulveda Jr.

Fairy tales are real. Robert Sepulveda Jr. is America’s real-life prince charming, at least in the LGBT community. He quickly became a mega sensation after appearing on Logo’s Finding Prince Charming Season 1, the gay version of The Bachelor. Every week, the nation tuned in to see 13 gay men wine and dine Sepulveda until he landed on that special someone.

But reality show dating doesn’t tell the whole story. Sepulveda has made a name for himself in other, less eye-catching ways. A lifelong fashion aficionado, Sepulveda worked his way up in the world of design, working for the likes of Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren as an interior designer. Today, he’s the proud owner of RSJdesign, LLC, a luxury design firm that specializes in home furnishings and commercial interiors.

Robert Sepulveda Jr has also earned his reputation as a philanthropist, giving to a slew of high-profile LGBT charities including the Human Rights Campaign and Joining Hearts.

Of course, Sepulveda is not without his fair share of controversies. During his time on Finding Prince Charming, it was revealed that he used to be a gay escort, with a number of risqué photos circulating the web. Negative press aside, Sepulveda continues to be an outspoken agent of change within the gay community. Here’s to Logo’s very first Prince Charming.