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Uganda’s Kill The Gays Bill is Back With a Vengeance

When it comes to dastardly named pieces of anti-gay legislation, Tennessee’s Don’t Say Gay Bill and Minnesota’s No Homo Promo may be tops in the U.S., but across the Atlantic Ocean Uganda’s Kill The Gays Bill frighteningly reigns supreme. With the high profile murder of LGBT activist David Kato following the Ugandan[…]

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Ghana Orders the Arrest of All Homosexuals

Ghana is giving Uganda a run for their money in the Worst Place to be Gay contest. While the “rounding up” of all homosexuals in the country’s western parts isn’t quite Kill the Gays Bill level sensational, it’s hard to ignore the Holocaust parallels here. Ghana’s Western Region Minister, Paul[…]

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United Nations OK’s Killing the Gays

UPDATE: The United States has stepped in to restore the protection for sexual minorities. Tomorrow is International Day Against Homophobia, and apparently the United Nations is celebrating by implicitly allowing killing of gays by stripping protections from sexual minorities. Last week, the tiny West African nation of Benin proposed an amendement[…]

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Rachel Maddow Catches You Up On Kill The Gays Bill

Gay blogs have been writing about Uganda’s Kill The Gays Bill for a year or so now. The despicable piece of legislation is finally sliding into home, with a vote by Uganda’s Parliament expected to come this week. If this is news to you, or you just need to freshen[…]

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Uganda ‘Kill the Gays Bill’ Returning To Parliament

Remember the so-called Kill the Gays Bill being floated in Uganda? Well, it’s bouncing back to Parliament for debate when the Ugandan House resumes business next week. The bill seeks to criminalize homosexual acts, and institute the death penalty for those who commit “aggravated homosexuality,” whatever the hell that is.[…]