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Boehner’s DOMA-Defending Attorneys Back Out of Case!

King and Spalding Chairman Robert D. Hayes released a statement this morning announcing that his firm and lead attorney on the case, Paul Clement, will no longer be serving as John Boehner’s legal counsel in the case defending (the indefensible) Defense of Marriage Act. Today the firm filed a motion[…]

House to Spend $500k on Defense of DOMA

In the ongoing fight to repeal DOMA in the U.S. House of Representatives, it has come to light that the House Republicans are on the hook to pay over $500,000 in legal fees in their defense of DOMA. This is absurd, especially in a time when the Republicans are fighting[…]

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Did Maggie Gallagher Just Encourage Suicide Rather Than Marriage?

NOM’s Maggie Gallagher got her liar-liar-pants-on-fire on this week as a testifying guest of Speaker John Boehner’s during the Congressional DOMA defense hearings. You know, the one that the majority of the country is opposed to continuing? Gallagher, who is no friend to the gays, responded to a Get Equal[…]

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Don’t Cry For Me, Speaker Boehner

Sean Chapin, the YouTube rising star who brought us the Target Anti-Gay Born This Way Remix, is at it again. He personally dropped off his newest video at the Unicorn Booty Stable. OK, he emailed it to us. Whatever. Feast your eyes and ears on Don’t Cry For Me, Speaker[…]

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Boehner Denies Gay Veteran Constituent Entry To His Office

Officer Sean Watkins, a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom 2, visited Speaker of the House John Boehner’s office during his office hours to present his elected representative with 30,000 signatures from constituents in the district requesting that Mr. Boehner not defend DOMA in court. The defense, which our own president[…]

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How Much Is Defending DOMA Going To Cost?

Former Speaker of the House, and now House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi’s home district is San Francisco, California. So you know homegirl has love for the gays. John Boehner’s announcement that he will hire private lawyers for a costly defense of the Defense of Marriage Act now that President Obama[…]