Harold Camping

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Rapture Believer Shoots Coworker After World Fails To End

Surely you remember the Great Rapture That Wasn’t of 2011? And the bankruptcies and suicides that followed? It’s time to add another strike against doomsday prophet Harold Camping. Ahem… Jerry Andrews was shot in the shoulder at a Eugene, Ore., hydraulics shop on Friday. The accused shooter is a coworker[…]

Fake Rapture Led To Real Suicides

Harold Camping, the preacher who predicted last Saturday would bring about the end of the world was mostly met with disbelief and eye-rolling. But some people actually bought into his reckless prophesizing and 20% of the members of his own church reportedly spent their life savings on lavish vacations and[…]

Whoops, the Rapture Is Actually October 21st!

Doomsday propheteer Harold Camping puts the kibosh on all the naysayers: End of Days is actually  happening on October 21st! Whoops, my bad! And to all of those people that quit their jobs, spent all their money, and/or donated all of their money to Harold Camping’s Family Radio…well…you’re idiots. Well,[…]

World To End May 21; Gays To Blame

UPDATE: Rapture FAIL. But hey, you already knew that. The church that tried scaring the world into caring is now likely to go bankrupt. Oh really? Family Radio President Harold Camping is all “the sky is falling!” about the world coming to an end on May 21 of this year.[…]