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Disappointing Gay Best Friend: Interview

Mikala Bierma, the latest addition to my “If you could invite six people to dinner blah blah blah…list”, opens up about being so gaymous is hurts to The Advocate. While I’m busy kicking myself for not asking to interview her first, you can go ahead and check out some highlights[…]

GAYmous hails from the Bay Area, and their slut-step synthpop sound makes us tremble. They started in 2012, founded by Pizza Cupcake and FXBoi, based on their shared love of synthesizers, Prince and making “queer dance music that’s made for queers by queers

Their debut, self-titled EP came out in 2015, and is available on BandCamp (in mp3 and FLAC formats) and iTunes for download. It was recorded by an “all-queer and women team”, according to FXBoi. It includes such songs as “Cross Dress for Less”, “Femme on Femme” and their popular single, “(Let’s Pretend We Don’t Have) Feelings.”

Their lyrics are brilliant: It’s in that song where PizzaCupcake confesses, “Hey boi, I made a mix CD for you, but I left it in the car; too scared to give it to you.” In response, FXBoi admits, “Hey femme, you intimidate me, you make intelligent points at book club meetings.”

GAYmous mixes irresistibly charming songs about the contradictions faced by people with fluid sexualities and gender identities. Glittery eyes and love songs aside, GAYmous’ tunes run the gamut. Here’s our coverage of your new favorite band.