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Hilarious Gay Captions

UB reader Noah introduced us to his aptly titled project, Gay Captions, in which he partners…well, gay captions with deliciously unexpected old-timey illustrations. Some of our favorites posted below! Via Gay Captions

Gay Captions is the hilarious Tumblr that takes vintage illustrations and adds new, hilarious captions to them. They were founded in 2011, or at least that’s when they joined Twitter.

How do you make one of these fun pics? Find a picture that’s long fallen out of copyright — and add a new caption to it — sort of like Wondermark, Married To The Sea or the old favorite, the Dysfunctional Family Circus. Of course, none of those strips are as downright queer as this one!

And of course, the détournement of pre-existing materials has long had a place in gay culture, from its place in HIV/AIDS activism to just making people laugh.

If you’re looking for funny gay pictures, Gay Captions is your one-stop shop. We’ve featured them a number of times, and this page collects all the times we’ve featured Gay Captions.