Election 2012

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Bachmann Predicted the ‘End of Times’ in 2006

Michelle Bachmann is surging ahead in the polls, and it’s becoming clear that her increasing wackiness is directly correlated to her popularity – this is America after all! Case in point: a new recording from 2006 has surfaced in which candidate Bachmann creepily declares that we are in “the last days”[…]

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‘Liberal Freak Show:’ Tea Party Founder Goes After the Gays

In the continuing polarization of politics in the United States, Tea Party Nation founder Judson Philips published an essay railing against the “liberal mob psychology” of gay rights groups. Philips laments the aggression of gay rights groups in going after Michele Bachmann – especially when it comes to Marcus Bachmann’s[…]

GOP Debate Recap: Obama Sucks and So Do Gays [VIDEO]

Rather than focus on tearing each other down, and fighting for the top dog Republican spot, the Republicans focused entirely on Obama in the very first GOP 2012 Presidential debate on CNN last night. This kind of narrative is going to be difficult to sustain, because at some point the[…]

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Obama’s Re-Election Edge: He’s Black

Wall Street Journal columnist Shelby Steele wrote a very interesting article about Obama’s re-election campaign, saying that the Republicans are at a disadvantage because Obama is (still) black. It was interesting in the sense that it seemed like a thinly veiled complaint that he has an unfair advantage because he[…]

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Donald Trump NOT Running For President

Facing the near total collapse of public support for his potential candidacy (Seriously, homeboy plummeted from 30-something to 5% after President Obama’s All Star Weekend) Donald Trump says, “I will not be running for president as much as I’d like to.” The crowd cheers. He cites the funds Celebrity Apprentice[…]

‘Ignite’ Campaign Threatens to Derail Gay Rights Nationwide

This is some scary sh*t. Anti-gay rights organizations are mobilizing to take advantage of a mass cash infusion from unknown sources, and ensure that they continue their pro-life, pro-discrimination agendas nationwide. The campaign, officially titled “Ignite An Enduring Cultural Transformation,” seeks to build off of the perceived momentum from the[…]

Gay blog: Obama courts the gay community for 2012

Obama Banks On the Gays for Re-election Cash

President Obama is leaning heavily on LGBT donors to replenish his re-election war chest, Politico reports. While many traditional Democratic donors – the wealthy, liberal elite – are not-so-privately reluctant to donate to Obama’s re-election due to general dissatisfaction with his first term, there has been a sea change of support by many[…]

Donald Trump claims to have made Obama do what no one else could do.

Obama Releases Birth Certificate; Trump Gloats

After an intensifying debate from the birthers – folks who believe that Obama was not born in the United States – the White House has officially released Obama’s birth certificate. President Obama’s Long Form Birth Certificate View more documents from White House And while the birthers had been questioning Obama’s[…]