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Guiltiest Dog In the World

Denver! How could you?! The face fits the crime in this searing mystery-thriller about the case of the missing kitty treats! What do you think of this amazingly guilty dog? Via Towleroad

graham waspe

Blinded Seeing Eye Dog Gets Seeing Eye Dog

Graham Waspe’s loyal guide dog, Edward, had to have his eyes removed due to cataracts after six years of service. Waspe himself has extremely limited vision in only one eye after two childhood incidents that left him almost completely blind. What was the blind man to do now that his[…]

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Kittens In Bowls Because…DUH!

I have no idea why this television program is offering us a segment in which kittens play in bowls, but I’m hardly complaining. The girl shrieking “Kawaii,” the cutesy rendition of “Life Goes On” playing in the background, and hello, the kittens rolling around in bowls – it’s all just[…]