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Win a Beach Vacation in the Bahamas From ‘Children of God’

TLA Releasing is sending two sun-seeking travelers to the Bahamas in celebration of the success of their gorgeous, critically acclaimed film, Children of God. Children of God, the first feature written and directed by Kareem Mortimer, is set on the scintillating shores of the Bahamas, weaving the West Indian culture into[…]

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Unicorn Booty Readers Helped Trans Woman Win Breast Summer Ever!

30,000 people (about a thousand which came from Unicorn Booty readers right here!) have helped a transgender musician from Alberta, Canada win 90.3 Amp Radio’s Breast Summer Ever contest! We knew a contest in which women competed for a shot at breast augmentation surgery would be controversial, but we believed[…]

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Win This Book: Get In the Kitchen Bit@hes

Chef Jason Bailin is more O Face than Yumm-o, and that’s why we love him so. His line of Get In The Kitchen Bit@hes cookbooks keep things nice and spicy in the Unicorn Booty mess hall. We’re stoked to be sharing this fantastic LGBT-friendly chef’s culinary delights with you today.[…]