In a country where the biggest generator of tourist travel and dollars is the annual gay Mardi Gras Festival, you’ll find politicians endorsing not just LGBT rights, but also LGBT events and customs, creating one of the best places on the planet for humans!

We’re talking about Australia, mate! There are few countries in the world with cities in which gay culture is so mainstream. Australians like a good time, and from the cities of Sydney and Melbourne to Lady Jane Beach, where clothing is optional, the gay community is vibrant, busy, and just plain awesome. Where else can you find the likes of Turtle Cove – a gay hotel on a private beach, and Taylor Square – the heart of the gay district in Sydney?

Australia, along with the U.S., is one of the few countries where laws regarding gay rights and sexual orientation are made on a state level. Sodomy laws, for the most part, were dropped long ago, and although prostitution is legal in many states, face-to-face soliciting usually is not. While attitudes toward gay people in Australia vary, there are fewer and fewer people who believe it’s any of their business whether you’re gay or straight.

What that translates to, to us, is “Party on” – and you can bet that on any given day you can find all kinds of exciting news about the gay scene in Australia – get started right here!