Sia Posts Heartwrenching Response to Kanye West’s Fur-Filled Fashion Show

Sia cares about animals, and she wants Kanye West to as well.

West’s Yeezy Season 5 fashion show on Wednesday was chock-full of fur. Sia responded with a heartwrenching video and tweet asking the designer to re-think his ways.

“Dear @kanyewest would you consider going fur free? This is the reality of fur for fashion – it’s so sad,” she tweeted with a video of rabbits being caged and killed for their fur.

(The video is a bit graphic if you decide to press play.)

This isn’t the first time Sia has reached out to the Haus of Kanye and Kim about this issue. She also tweeted the same video to Kim last summer, asking her to go fur-free as well.

Props to Sia for fighting for what she believes in.

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