Sean Spicer Easter Bunny
Sean Spicer Easter Bunny

Sean Spicer Once Dressed Up as a Terrifying Easter Bunny at the White House (Photos)

Years before he became Press Secretary, Sean Spicer had another important job in the White House: dressing in a rabbit costume to play the Easter Bunny.

That’s not Photoshop — that’s really Sean Spicer putting on a bunny costume for George W. Bush’s Easter Egg hunt. The Washington Post wrote about it back in 2013.

Producer/writer Robert Schooley also dug up an old interview with Spicer about his work as an Easter Bunny. Spicer said that it was hard to see in the costume, so his wife acted as his guide:

Schooley noted that the rabbit role was in Spicer’s official biography as well:

Spicer’s role as press secretary makes perfect sense now. Who better to speak for a ridiculous caricature?

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