Super Mario Godfather illustration by Naolito
Super Mario Godfather illustration by Naolito

PICS: Spanish Artist Nacho Diaz Combines Classic Films With Vintage Video Games


Nacho Diaz, Dawn of Gaming

Spanish illustrator Nacho Diaz isn’t afraid to show off his influences, whether he’s drawing Godzilla re-enacting a Miley Cyrus video, a Super Mario/Doctor Who mashup, or Wall-E with Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy.

The pop-culture illustrator has been working primarily with video game characters since 2009, and many of his designs are available on t-shirts that he sells through his online store. He’s also got lots of other work inspired by other pop cultural icons, from The Godfather to the Muppets. In one piece he even mashes up Game of Thrones with Minions.

While Diaz lives near the southern tip of Spain, his shirts are printed in the United States, so domestic shipping won’t cost an arm and a leg, either. Also, for those who prefer wall art to wearable designs, he has a series of limited edition prints which are currently available through Brooklyn’s Bottleneck Gallery. Some of the designs sold out very quickly.

Here’s a selection of Diaz’s images from over the years, some of which are still available through the gallery and all of which can be found at the artist’s web shop.

Naolito, The Brother
Nacho Diaz, The Brother
Naolito, Crazy Night
Nacho Diaz, Crazy Night
Naolito, Jurassic Park
Nacho Diaz, Jurassic Park
Naolito, Back To 8 Bits
Nacho Diaz, Back To 8 Bits
Naolito, Life Found
Nacho Diaz, Life Found
Naolito, 7 Days
Nacho Diaz, 7 Days
Naolito, Heroic Self Portrait
Nacho Diaz, Heroic Self Portrait
Naolito_Hyllian Piñata
Nacho Diaz, Hyllian Piñata
Naolito, Minion Throne
Nacho Diaz, Minion Throne
Naolito, Banksy Flower
Nacho Diaz, Banksy Flower
Naolito, Wrecking Ball
Nacho Diaz, Wrecking Ball
Naolito, If I Had A Heart
Nacho Diaz, If I Had A Heart

(all images via, featured image entitled Dawn of Gaming)

This story was originally published on 8/23/2015

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