Lips Gay Bashing
Lips Gay Bashing

Gay Man Bashed in San Diego: ‘I Blame Trump and Those Who Support Him’ (Video)

The owner of Lips Drag Restaurant Mark Zschiesche says he was gay bashed in San Diego. He is blaming Donald Trump and his supporters as the impetus for the beating.

Zschiesche, who is also known by his drag name Yvonne Lame, posted a heartbreaking video on Facebook yesterday showing his scars and wounds from the incident.

“Look at my face,” he crys. “Somebody beat me because I am gay. I blame Trump and all of those who support him. The person who hit me said because I was gay. So thank you those of you who voted for him.”

Watch his heartbreaking video below:

We will bring you updates as this story continues to develop. 

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