Gus Kenworthy Debuts YouTube Channel with Ski Jumps, Beer-Chugging and Lederhosen (Video)

Consider us enamored with openly gay Olympian Gus Kenworthy, who in addition to being extremely skilled on the ski slopes has quite the sense of humor.

Kenworthy has decided to start his very own YouTube channel of “vlogs,” and the first episode of Gus’s Awesome Youtube Show (note the acronym)—filmed on a Go Pro as he hits up an Austrian training camp with the U.S. ski team—left us in stitches. Watch as he hangs out behind-the-scenes with his fellow skiers, pranks his fellow slope-goers, eats his body weight in wienerschnitzel and gets bro-y with a few dick jokes.

Towards the video’s end, Kenworthy dons lederhosen (it’s Halloween in Austria, after all), chugs a rather large beer and proceeds to bust out a skilled aerial routine. Unfortunately, seeing as how beer and extreme sports rarely (if ever) mix, Kenworthy blesses the mountain with a Roman shower. Not his finest moment, most likely.

Watch the video in its entirely below:

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