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UK Churches On Allowing Gay Marriage: “Make Us”

Yesterday we told you about a pending decision in England that will prevent churches and religious institutions from discriminating against same-sex couples any longer who wish to wed within their hallowed halls. Unlike in the United States, the Church of England is a state-run religion – the official religion of[…]

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Preschooler Stabbed By Classmate For “Looking Gay”

6 year old Swedish kindergarten student Oskar’s classmates didn’t like him wearing pink clothing or the occasional nail polish to class. So one of them stabbed him in the neck. The stabbing, which thankfully occurred with a butter knife, was not reported to the boy’s parents by Oskar’s teacher or[…]

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UK Gays Win Right To Marry In Churches; Churches Freak Out

The UK is set to make history this week by ending the legal definition of marriage as between a man and a woman. The decision from Liberal Democrat Equalities Minister Lynne Featherstone will “upgrade” civil partnerships to full-on marriage, complete with the right to have weddings performed in churches and other religious institutions.[…]

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Husky Holocaust! Blame Canada

The SPCA is investigating a reported 100 sled-dog execution up in our current Gay Ski Week stomping grounds, Whistler B.C. Outdoor Adventures is accused of incredibly egregious animal cruelty – the killing of 100 ski dogs. Authorities were alerted to the killings after an employee of the company filed a[…]

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What Wouldn’t Jesus Do? “Demonize Gays”

It turns out the Archbishop of Canterbury is an actual position held by Rowan Williams, and is not in fact, simply a character in Robin Hood movies and whatnot. We kid. Archbishop Williams has denounced Uganda’s Rolling Stone magazine (You know, the one that did THIS) for their refusal to[…]

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Ugandan Woman Wins Last-Minute Stay Of Deportion

We begged UB readers yesterday to please sign a petition to prevent Brenda Namigadde from being deported home to Uganda in the aftermath of LGBT activist, David Kato’s murder this week. We did it! The literally last minute temporary injunction came from a judge after Namigadde had already boarded a[…]

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Egypt’s Violent Gov’t Turns Off The Entire Internet!

The Egyptian government is at war with it’s people. Following the month-long mass protests in Tunisia that led to the ousting of President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, Egyptian citizens took to the streets in defiance of Egypt’s ruling party, globally recognized for human rights violations. After the Egyptian riots began[…]

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Woman Raped To Cure Her Homosexuality. (It Didn’t Work)

Human Rights Groups around the world have drawn attention to the practice of so-called “Corrective Rape” used in countries like South Africa to rid lesbian women of their homosexuality. Up until recently, this issue went largely unreported. That has changed irrevocably in the aftermath of the horrific raping of Millicent[…]

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