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Dragon Age To Anti-Gay Fans: Get Over It

Straight up, we have absolutely no idea what Dragon Age 2 is all about, and we haven’t done much gaming since catching both Palkia and Dialga a few Pokemon cycles ago. Suck it, Giratina! But we know you gays are big gamers, and we aim to please. Just like the[…]

Geek Night: Settlers of Catan Seafarers

It’s been a sad and crazy day here at our little gay bl0g. So rather than go out and celebrate the relaunch of our business, passion project, life, website, etc. – we’ll be staying in tonight and kicking it with some pals. Feast your eyes on this, unicorns: Nick’s mama hooked[…]

Calling All Gay Gaming Fans

Are you a video game fanatic? Then you’ve come to the right place. Video games are playing an increasingly vital role in the LGBTQ community. While we tend to think that serious gaming is just for straight males, nothing could be further from the truth. Gay gaming is taking over the world of RPGs, first-person shooters, and throwback arcade games.
It’s even lead to a new subcategory of gay gaming known as “gaymers.” A term used to describe, you guessed it, the gays who love to game.

Video games allow us to explore entirely new worlds and try on completely new characters, otherwise known as avatars. Men can be women in the virtual world and vice versa. Simply put, it’s escapism at its best. Gay people that are isolated from the larger gay community can disappear for hours on end into their favorite video game. Whether it’s on a computer or a separate gaming system, games open new doors for players. This is regardless of their creed, gender or sexual orientation. It gives people the chance to cut out reality and take on new experiences with a new identity.

Gay-Themed Video Games

There isn’t exactly a treasure trove of gay-themed video games hitting the market. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of gay undercurrents in video games. Some of the industry’s best-selling games feature gender-bending characters, dudes in drag, and gay love stories; you just have to know where to look. Browse through our gay video game coverage and see. You’ll find all sorts of easter eggs, like Zelda in drag, homophobic busting karate moves, and a countdown of the gayest Pokémon ever created.

There are so many different video games online and in stores that everyone is bound to find something that they love. Regardless of what kind of virtual experience you’re looking for, you can find your gay niche in the wonderful world of gaming.