Gay Films and TV Shows

Movies serve as society’s collective unconscious, weaving stories across our imaginations that we won’t soon forget. From an early age, almost everyone learns how to see the world through the lens of a movie. Movies give us access to things and experiences beyond what we consider reality, enhancing our knowledge of the world and the human experience. As a child, we might see our first onscreen kiss and wonder what it feels like to be romantic with another person. Others might see their first alien in such classics as E.T. or Close Encounters of the Third Kind, only to become obsessed with ideas about life on other planets. Movies have a powerful effect on our lives whether we like it or not.

This is especially true for gay people. Growing up gay can be an unruly experience, especially if that person is growing up in a family or a community that doesn’t support the idea of homosexuality. That’s where gay films come into play. A trip to the local megaplex or browsing queer-themed titles on Netflix gives LGBTQ youth the chance to connect with gay characters and their experiences. Overall, the moving image makes us feel less alone.

Of course, Hollywood isn’t always kind to LGBTQ filmmakers and gay characters. Many of them end up being small stereotypical pawns that hardly matter in the scheme of things. But things are beginning to change. Independent filmmaking is giving a voice to all kinds of queer artists and characters. Gay films like Brokeback Mountain, Moonlight, and Blue Is the Warmest Color have garnered rave reviews and huge audiences in recent years. As the film community starts to open its arms to people of color, gay people, and women, we will be here to tell you all about it. Take a look at all of our gay film coverage below!