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Don’t Stick Tampons On Chris Colfer’s Back

What message does a tampon stuck to your back even communicate? Absorb me? Menstruate me? People are jerks? Clovis California’s golden(globe) boy, Chris Colfer popped by The Late Show to chat with David Letterman last night about cow-tipping, Spider-Man, and wait for it…Bullies! Watch Glee’s leading man being all adorable[…]

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Don’t Call Shia LaBeouf A Fa**ot

Shia LaBeouf walks into a bar. A fan asks, “Can I get an autograph?” Shia refuses, and the fan calls him a faggot. Shia’s all, “I don’t need this shit, bra”, and leaves the bar. But then the fan is all, PUNCH! Right in the kisser. Shia LaBeouf was handcuffed[…]

Top 10 Ashton naked

Ashton Kutcher’s Top 10 Shirtless Movies

The good folks over at The Daily Beast know how to start a Monday off right. They’re celebrating No Strings Attached‘s weekend box office haul with quite the prize package. Presenting…Ashton Kutcher’s Top 10 Shirtless Movies! From Dude…Where’s My Car to Personal Effects Killers, Ashton has let the girls out to breathe[…]

Lily Tomlin The Seattle Lesbian

The Seattle Lesbian Interviews Lily Tomlin

Our pals from The Seattle Lesbian were gracious enough to share their recent exclusive interview with gay icon, Lily Tomlin with us. Their interview can be read in full HERE. She’s been the recipient of numerous Emmy, Tony, Grammy, and other distinguished awards in the entertainment industry in which she[…]

“Maybe I’m just gay.”

James Franco sure knows how to keep raising gay blog eyebrows (and more). The 127 Hours actor recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly and dished on his gay icon status, and why he enjoys going gay for pay in Hollywood. He tells EW, “There are lots of other reasons to[…]

Oh, celebrities. We love to judge and berate them, but we also can’t live without them. Celebrities seem to have always existed, and the public just loves to speculate over their personal trials and tribulations. And gay celebrities hold a special place in our hears.

Many gay celebrities lead wild, glamorous lifestyles the rest of us can only dream of, whether they’re parasailing through the South of France or brunching on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

In today’s world of pop culture-hungry denizens, gay celebrities are constantly making headlines for saying and doing … well, anything. From their dating lives to commentary on contemporary culture, every inch of a gay celebrity’s life is fodder for the public’s fascination.

When it comes to being a gay celebrity, being “out of the closet” can send a positive message to other LGBTQ individuals around the world. It allows a celebrity to use their star power to stand up for equality and respect for our community.

Here you’ll find all of our gay celebrity coverage (and plenty about non-gay celebrities, too). Get scrolling to dive into the “who’s who” of our ever-expanding LGBTQ community.