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Oh, celebrities. We love to judge them but we can’t live without them. Celebrities have always existed throughout the history of mankind. From Roman emperors to Egyptian pharaohs, the public loves to speculate over the lives of the rich and famous.

Our obsession with celebrities often comes down to pure jealousy. We love to imagine what our lives would be like if everyone in the world knew our name. Many gay celebrities often lead wild, glamorous lifestyles that the rest of us can only dream of. We love to live vicariously through them and try to experience the world through their eyes. Whether they’re parasailing through the South of France or brunching on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, there’s never a dull moment when you’re a celebrity.

Yet in reality, fame might be more trouble than it’s worth. When everyone knows your name, it’s easy to get embroiled in some controversy. Gay celebrities are constantly making headlines for saying and doing anything out of the ordinary. From their dating life to commenting on contemporary culture, every inch of a celebrity’s life can be fodder for the public’s fascination.

When it comes to being a celebrity in the LGBTQ community, being “out of the closet” can send a positive message to other LGBTQ individuals around the world. Gay celebrities often use their star power to stand up for equality and respect for the LGBTQ community in so many ways. They’re not afraid of who they are and they’re usually more than willing to share their personal experiences with the rest of the world.
Here, you’ll find all of our gay celebrity coverage. From sitcom stars to LGBTQ icons, to gay hotties, we just can’t get enough of these celebrities.
You might have seen them on your favorite show, duking it out for prizes on a mindless reality show, or strutting their stuff down the streets of New York. Get your celebrity coverage fill and dive into the who’s who of the LGBTQ community.