Mickey Mouse Vs. Nazis!

Brian Cronin doesn’t know it, but I’ve been nursing a Hulk sized crush on him for years. Each week he tackles geektastic myths and mysteries in his Comic Book Urban Legends Friday column. I, like many folks, am addicted. This week Brian tackled the question of whether it’s true that[…]

Better Book Titles: Mark Twain Edition

Better Book Titles, the titillating crowdsourced retitler has knocked it out of the park in response to the Bizarro World decision to begin censoring Mark Twain’s American classic, Huckleberry Finn. Our gay blog and many others are not impressed with the censoring. True, the book is a window into turn of[…]

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What does DADT’s repeal mean for Batwoman?

All of my gay blog reading comic book geeks out there know that DC Comics’ heroine, Batwoman’s secret origin is tied directly to Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Second Lieutenant Kate Kane was given the boot from the United States Military after choosing not to lie about being a lesbian. Writer[…]

Do you consider yourself a die-hard lover of gay books and LGBTQ authors? Then check out our coverage of what’s happening in the world of queer literature.

Despite society’s dwindling attention span, books remain a powerful force when it comes to modern storytelling. They give us a chance to see the world with a new perspective, and they give aspiring LGBTQ writers and authors the chance to express themselves. Gay books also give audiences access to new content that falls outside of what’s considered “mainstream.”

Some of your favorite books are probably filled with gay themes and characters, which in addition to making them great reads, is also a great way to ensure our community’s visibility and representation.

Whether you’re into trashy romance novels or heartfelt personal stories about what it’s like to be queer, there are gay books out there for you. Now dive into a pile of them and let us know your favorite.