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Gay Man Banned From Having Sex Because Of Low IQ

A British High Court Judge has cited a controversial law usually invoked to force mentally incompetent patients to undergo life-saving surgeries to ban a man from having sex with his boyfriend. The 41 year old man in question, referred to only as Alan, has an “inappropriately vigorous sex drive”, but[…]

Is Oral Sex Giving You Cancer?

We hate to harsh your day, but we’ve got some serious boner-killing news on our hands here. All that oral sex you young folks are so fond of? It’s killing you. HPV, the nasty little Human Papillomavirus that we already know is linked in a major way to cervical and[…]

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Do You Have Balls of Pride?

We are loving GLAAD’s new Balls of Pride campaign. It’s their play for straight guys who feel awkward declaring their support for gay rights. Because you know, NO HOMO, Bro. The solution? Having straight guys’ girlfriends give them a helping reacharound hand. The fundraiser is hardly a low-hanging idea. The whole[…]

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National Organization For Marriage On Anal Sex: Yucky

Hate Group, The National Organization For Marriage’s Anal Coresspondent Maggie Gallagher reveals in a new column that real feminists don’t have anal sex. Gallagher tells Real Clear Politics: “Anal sex is painful, unsanitary, unsatisfying for women, and creates unique risks for serious physical diseases (if you doubt me, go read the[…]

If You’re Not With Your Daughter, You’re Against Her

This absolutely incredible poster from an Israeli LGBT Rights organization sums up the issues gay children face when coming out to their parents in just one sentence. We posted the son version earlier in the week, and we’re stoked to show off the one directed at parents of lesbian daughters.[…]

Is Monogamy Ridiculous?

A new study out of Oregon State University shows that 40% of straight couples in so called monogamous relationships have differing views on exactly what that entails – only one partner agreed to be sexually exclusive. Among heterosexual couples who did in fact agree to be in a sexually exclusive[…]

Gay Culture: Everything You Need to Know

From innovators, artists, rainbow flags and Pride parades to drag queens, poppers, sex and nightlife, gay culture is truly an experience.

At Hornet we cover all the nuances of gay culture. Why were both October and February chosen to be Gay History Month? Where are the best sex museums around the world? Maybe you want advice on love from drag queens, or sex tips from your favorite gay porn stars. Find answers to all these questions and more in our queer culture articles.

Furthermore, here are just a few of the topics we cover here at Hornet:


Whether you’re new to the gay scene or you’re a circuit queen who’s been around the block (if ya know what we mean), there’s always more to learn about our culture and what makes us a unique and wonderful community.