Gay Sports, Gay Games and Out Athletes

As a lot of the sporting communities have been on the tail end of progress in regards to accepting the LGBTQ community, it’s even more important for us to cover all the breakthroughs in gay sports news.
Every culture loves to watch other people compete. Since the dawn of civilization, there have always been games and competitions for the public to enjoy. Members of the ancient Aztec civilization used to use bat balls at one another until it landed in a hoop. Today, we have dozens of different sporting events that are designed to capture the world’s attention. They draw massive crowds and millions of viewers on TV as we watch the greatest athletes in the world compete to be the best. There’s nothing ambiguous about sports. You either win or you lose and that’s what makes it all so interesting to millions of fans around the world.

The LGBTQ community has been on the outside of the professional sporting world for generations. Being “out of the closet” was simply out of the question for most professional athletes. The culture that we live in tends to associate sports with a particular kind of masculinity. This goes against commonly held stereotypes about the LGBTQ community. Basketball players and quarterbacks are strong machismos, while gay men are typically seen as weak or overly feminine.

But things are slowly starting to change. We now have several out and proud professional male and female athletes across the board. The professional sporting world has had to adapt to new ideas about homosexuality and gender roles. Gay men and women and suiting up and proving that they can be just as good, if not better than their straight counterparts.

Take a look at all of the ways that the world of gay sports and the LGBTQ community are coming together. From gay athletes to sexy photo ops, everyone in the LGBTQ community can find something to appreciate about the nature of competition. Take a stroll through our favorite gay moments from all things gay sports.