It’s time to party! Here in our nightlife section you’ll find the latest LGBTQ nightlife news from around the world. Nightlife has always been a staple of the gay community, and the gay nightlife scene is now more diverse than ever.

Throughout LGBTQ history, gay nightlife has provided a safe space for people who felt they didn’t have one otherwise. So it should come as no surprise that nightlife is still a thriving aspect of queer culture. For many, gay nightlife culture offers a place free of judgment from the outside world.

Find articles here about all aspects of LGBTQ nightlife, from secret clubs in NYC to must-see attractions in your favorite cities around the globe. 

Hornet’s nightlife coverage isn’t limited to big cities around the world; neighborhood gay bars are important as well. Learn about what’s happening and what’s changing in the world’s various “scenes” with our comprehensive coverage.