Gay Comics fans unite!

There are plenty of gay nerds out there that love their superheroes just as much as the next fan and they’re finally getting their due.

The art of the comic book is taking on a new identity in the 21st Century. A new generation of artists and writers are coming up with their own stories, many of which feature openly gay characters and superheroes. Whether you’re an Archie fan or a die-hard member of the Wonder Woman fan club, there’s a graphic novel out there for you. Just like any other art form, gay comics are always changing as they try to reflect the modern world.

The LGBTQ community has mostly been on the outs of the comic book world, with most superheroes playing it straight. But there’s always been a gay undercurrent in the community. Gay rumors have been circling around society’s favorite superheroes for decades. Just take a look at the unusually close relationship between Batman and Robin. And what’s going on with the Green Lantern and his long-time man crush? With all of the tight spandex, it should be no surprise that some of your favorite superheroes are gay.

Gay Comics and Hollywood

Today, the world of comic books is spilling over into Hollywood. Nearly every studio is getting in the superhero business. Despite the existence of closeted or openly gay superheroes, it might be a while before we get a gay superhero on the big screen. While this lack of progress can be frustrating, slowly but surely, the comic book industry is trying to extend a hand to the gay community. Ushering in a whole new generation of gay nerds. Take a look at everything gay-themed that’s happening in the comic book world.