Billy Eichner Says Mike Pence is Gay
Billy Eichner Says Mike Pence is Gay

Gay Comedian Billy Eichner Believes Mike Pence is a Closeted Gay Man

Openly gay comedian Billy Eichner, of Billy on the Street, took to Twitter to call homophobic nightmare Vice President Mike Pence gay.

He followed it up with a more detailed explanation:

Pence is infamously anti-LGBTQ. As governor of Indiana, his homophobia nearly ruined the state’s economy. He believes in totally discredited “conversion therapy,” in which quack practitioners use psychological and physical torture to try to turn a gay person straight.

Many people think that homophobes are secretly gay. There is some evidence to suggest that homophobia is sometimes the result of repressed homosexual desire. But that doesn’t mean they’re all gay, or that Mike Pence is gay. Maybe he’s just a weird, gross asshole?

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