Author: Daniel Villarreal

Photo of a Naked, Gay, Russian Couple Wins World Press Photo

World Press Photo is the most prestigious photojournalism contest of the year. Pulitzer Prizes honor the precise timing needed to capture newsworthy images like crashing planes and falling babies; they don’t take artful composition into account. However, World Press Photo awards the hat trick of photography: the perfect combination of contemporary relevance, masterful composition, and dramatic lighting. Take the[…]

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Ice Cream: The Day’s Biggest Scoops

Scoops! Scoops! We got scoops! Hey, you there! You want a scoop, don’t you? Come on… first one’s free, kid… 1. Urban Outfitters 2015 Outrage Collection: In what seems to be an annual event, hipster magnet Urban Outfitters has once again drawn national outrage over another offensive product. This time, it’s a tapestry[…]