Mermaids, Tigers and Bears: The Erotic Art Of Felix D’Eon

felix-deon-1Chicano artist Felix D’Eon was born in Guadalajara and lives in Mexico City, but his homoerotic paintings and drawings are like a world tour of styles, with inspiration drawn from American sheet music covers,  old Soviet propaganda and even Japanese scroll paintings.

“My own work is deeply erotic,” he told Vada Magazine last year, “in part as a reflection of my beliefs concerning the body and sexuality. I naturally consider them beautiful, and deserving of celebration, and the more so a gay sexuality, which has so long been regarded as gross or as the butt of jokes.”

Here’s a sampling of D’eon’s work, most of which is available at his Etsy store. Some of it is decidedly NSFW, so visit his website to see erotic Japanese shunga prints and other dirty scenes of guys gettin’ it on with each other or, in certain cases, with tigers and skeletons.

He has a whole line of Christmas cards, too. The best design features two boys kissing while a snowman with a carrot boner watches from the window. Don’t send it to grandma, but your friends would probably love it.


Felix D'Eon, Hot Buns
Hot Buns
Felix D'Eon, Mi Cholito Hastala Muerte
Mi Cholito Hastala Muerte
Felix D'Eon, A Mermaid's Wedding
A Mermaid’s Wedding
Felix D'Eon, Mexican Pin-Up
Mexican Pin-Up
Felix D'Eon, Shi Hai
Shi Hai
Felix D'Eon, Youth Disrobing
Youth Disrobing
Felix D'Eon, Leather In Japan
Leather in Japan
Felix D'Eon, Youth of the World
Youth of the World
Felix D'Eon, The Musician
The Musician

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