100 LGBTs to look out for in 2017
100 LGBTs to look out for in 2017

100 Intriguing LGBTs to Look Out for in 2017

Ever since the Supreme Court legalized marriage equality back in 2015, we’ve heard over and over again that “there’s still a long way to go.” It’s absolutely true. Not only are we facing the rollback of rights under the Trump administration, but queers around the world continue to suffer under unfair policies that perpetuate marginalization and stigmatization.

That’s why we’ve assembled this list of 100 intriguing queer people worth paying attention to. We’ve chosen to highlight a diverse array of cultural innovators who are challenging the status quo and changing the world for the better. From educators to scientists, businesspeople to activists, artists to celebrities, there are many to admire and several to hope as they work for change in the year ahead.

Our 100 LGBTs are divided into five categories: Art, Entertainment, Business, Science and Activism.


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